Training Focus: 3d

Did you know?

"Computer-generated effects created using Autodesk Maya software were used in all five nominees for the 2013 Best Visual Effects Oscar: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey; Life of Pi; Marvel's The Avengers; Prometheus; and Snow White and the Huntsman. Between them, the five nominated movies contained over 7,000 special effects shots that involved the work of 30 visual effects studios using Autodesk software in more than ten countries.

In 2013 Academy of Awards Best Animated Feature category, all of the nominess used Maya software. The nominees included two 3D animated features, Brave, and Wreck It Ralph, and three stop-motion movies, Frankenweenie, ParaNorman, and The Pirates! Band of Misfits. The winner was Brave."

We are preparing to emerge as future cgi gurus! Specifically, we focus on animation, modeling and visual effects, using many of the Adobe programs as well as Maya, MotionBuilder, Composite, and ZBrush. We are proud to be part of Francis Tuttle's group of creatives known as Pixlcrew. Our 3D students are fortunate to have awesome technology, including a 3D printer and a motion capture studio that comprises our student enterprise, epIK Dimensions.

The most talented in our field are able to successfully combine the mastery of storytelling, artistry, and technology, and that's our goal. Our challenge this year is to kick it up a notch and elevate our training and skills to the next level.

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