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Welcome NINJA Artists!

SummerQuest Debugging Challenges

It has been an honor and my privilege . . .

to be your instructor and watch you grow. I wish you the best for success and a long, productive future. More than happiness, which comes and goes, I wish you JOY and the ability to live in and fully experience each moment of your life, because that’s the ultimate. I hope you leave with awesome memories and experiences and most importantly, professional and technical skills. NEVER stop learning!

Congrats to our latest certified gurus!

Connor, Rebecca, Abbey, and Gillian – way to go!


Student Completion Ceremony – tonight

  • SnapChatSignMeet at Crossings Community Church
  • 5 pm; ceremony starts at 6 pm and should be done by 7 pm
  • 14600 N Portland Avenue, OKC, OK
  • I will have a sign for our class at the meeting location.
  • Snap Chat Photo Booth in Lobby #fttcit; Filter active from 5 – 8 pm

Job Flash

epIK Points Finals

Community Service Opportunity


Today I will be meeting with each of you on the following:

  • Technical scores for those who do not yet have any for this quarter:
    • Kyle | Connor | Ian | Kaylynn | Marcus | Emily | Mitchell
    • Gavin | Kyle | Chris | Hezekiah | Paul | Nathan | Sean | Chauncy | Rebecca
  • Progresslast week we estimated hours for a desired grade; need to determine if you are on track or if adjustments will be necessary
  • Photoshop certification review – before break
  • Last call – if you are completing as a 3D Modeler and have NOT yet had an opportunity to print a final model, it needs to be on the print tray this week.
  • Everyone should have Adobe CC 2017–check it out and see what you think!
  • I have some Adobe CC2015 books, like you used this year, that are ready for new homes. See me today if interested. Tomorrow, we will use the epIK Points you have earned to determine give-aways.

Above & Beyond/Contest Opportunity

  • Our Computer Science Academy needs the following items for their summer school offerings. If you bring any items to donate, it will count as Above & Beyond.
    • 2 Liter soda bottles
    • Valve caps from water bottles 
    • Old CD’s (like any old AOL CDs)
  • Neat contest opportunity, neat prizes–sponsored by Wacom, Heroes and Villains–thanks to Hezekiah for sharing! IF you are in good shape with curriculum, you can have 15 curriculum hours for participating. See me if interested.

Up Next 


17 | PC – Senior Meeting/baccalauréat practice;  PCN – Senior Incognito Day; Crescent Sr Group Picture, set up gym/practice

18 | PC – Graduation practice/cookout; PCN – Graduation practice; PCW Senior assembly (am only); Crescent LAST day; practice with everyone and complete setting up

19 | DC – Graduation practice; PC – Senior breakfast/practice; PCN – Senior brunch; PCW – Senior breakfast; WH – Senior breakfast/assembly; Cashion LAST day

20 | Make-Up Opportunity

22 | Make-Up Opportunity; EM Senior exams, (need activity form)

23 | EM Senior exams, (need activity form); Edmond LAST day

24 | PC, PCN, and PCW Finals – (all need activity forms);

25 | LAST Day of School – unless your home school dismisses earlier, see above


1 | Oklahoma Game Developer’s Group Meeting, 7 pm: Lighting

15 |  Adobe ACA Championship Challenge! DUE–check out the video. This event would be on your own, but a neat opportunity with great prizes.





This year you are challenged to develop NINJA SkillsHigh level abilities bordering on the super-natural. Not necessarily a reference to fighting ability, but can refer to any skill, and for us that’s our Modeling, Animation, and Special FX skills. Since this is a 2D/3D program, we will emphasize the Ds that contribute to developing Ninja Skills

Determination | Discipline | Dedication

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