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Welcome NINJA Artists!


Pixlfest is tomorrow

  • Wear your shirt
  • We will meet in the classroom initially; then proceed to registration, eventually ending up in front of Tuttle Theater
  • We will do a walk-through today, around 10:25 and 3:10

How are those Blue & Gold sales coming?

  • In addition to incentives below, if our class wins the Ultimate Class award for most sales per person, we will celebrate with waffles!


Blue & Gold Fundraiser

  • If you sell at least 1 item, earn Above & Beyond this week
  • If you well at least 3 items, earn Above & Beyond AND 50 epIK Points
  • If you are the Top Salesperson for our class, earn a bonus of 200 epIK Points
  • If our school sells at least 500 packages of sausage AND you are the Top Salesperson for our school, you will win a $100 gift card from one of the following options: Visa, Eskimo Joe’s, Atwoods, or OK FFA Gear.
  • Blue & Gold Order Form

Job Flash

Pixlfest Activity Forms are due today.


  • Today is the first day of the fourth quarter–work hard and make this your best yet | NINJA Skills!
  • Pixlfest is Thursday 
    • IF you return a signed student activity form no later than tomorrow, you can be excused to attend all day.
    • If a signed permission form is not returned by tomorrow, you will be attending during your normal session.
    • We will review plans for Pixlfest tomorrow.

Up Next 



This year you are challenged to develop NINJA SkillsHigh level abilities bordering on the super-natural. Not necessarily a reference to fighting ability, but can refer to any skill, and for us that’s our Modeling, Animation, and Special FX skills. Since this is a 2D/3D program, we will emphasize the Ds that contribute to developing Ninja Skills

Determination | Discipline | Dedication

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