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As an Animation student, you are a member of the elite PixlCrew. Our PixlCrew enables you to network with other creative students and expand your network of budding professionals. Working together, every year, we host PixlFest, where you have the opportunity to learn and network with industry professionals.

Advisory Board

PL Studios/Plural Sight | OCCC | OCU | Francis Tuttle eLearning | Skyline Media, inc. | C. H. Guernsey & Company | Stone Graphic Design | ProMisfits | FAA | Keybridge Technologies | KSBI | Skyline Ink | Viesca Digital Designs | Steelehouse | ExpressPros | Paycom | Ackerman McQueen | Next Thought | Wheelhouse | Recommendations: Spring ’09 | Fall ’09 | Spring ’10 | Fall ’10 | Fall ’11 | Fall ’12 | Fall ’13 | Fall ’14 | Fall ’15 

 Attendance Resources

Attendance Phone and Fax Number

  • p – 405.717.4145 | f – 405.717.4325
  • Our IT Department has make-up opportunities available Tuesday – Thursday | 11:15 am – 12:15 pm | Room B1130 Must attend at least 30 minutes; first-come, first-served. Dates subject to change.
  • School calendars are posted in your Basecamp Professional Enhancement Project as well as your Class Calendar for reference.
  • View All-School Make-Up Opportunities

Cafeteria/Break Resources

View cafeteria menu (You will need to login to blackboard; changes weekly) Cravings Menu (You will need to login to blackboard; some items change daily)

Course Resources

Course Syllabi, Creative Blitz Projects, Rubrics, and Other supporting documentation can be found in Basecamp. Additionally, many resources are now located on our Animation Class Pinterest page. (You will need an account to access.)

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Professional Enhancement/Orientation

Weekly Status Report (Will be submitted via Basecamp Discussion in the Professional Enhancement course.) Dropbox – Use web account at school; install at home, not on school computer FT/IT Student Handbooks, Classroom Policies & Procedures Test

  • Francis Tuttle Student Handbook
  • Information Technology Handbook
  • 3D Animation and Visual Effects Classroom Policies and Procedures
  • 2D Animation and Character Design Classroom Policies and Procedures

Safety/Social Media

  • Refer to Safety Handout in orientation Activity Packet w/in Basecamp
  • Lockdown – move away from a window, under a desk, out of site; remain quiet
  • Tornado Shelter | View Building Map in Basecamp | answer roll call
  • Fire – Take personal items, exit calmly through front entry door, proceed downstairs, exit building via East door; do not stand on sidewalk, go to grassy area near pond and answer roll call.
  • Earthquake – Drop, Cover, and Hold | Video
  • Social Media

Forms (Return to instructor)

Set up accounts

Orientation Videos

Copyright/Digital Literacy – this information will be on certification exams throughout your training.

What makes you outstanding?

 Maps & Calendars – in Basecamp

New to a Mac?

Cintiq Instructions | Illustration w/Cintiq

General Forms – many will be used on projects throughout the year

Storyboarding Resources

Think Green!

 General Resources

 Visual Illustration Tools/Graphics

Digital Animation/2D Animation

Digital Tutors: Game Terms

 Applied Principles of Animation/ 3D Basics

Extra Reinforcement: Animation Academy 2011

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

Motion Capture Documents

  • MotionBuilder Comic Overview
  • epIK Dimensions Studio – Quick Start Guide

Miscellaneous Resources

Extra Reinforcement: Maya Vehicle for Games Digital Tutors: Motion Graphics Terminology

Motion Capture

Guide Book 1 – STUDIO | Guide Book 2 –  MODEL PREP | Guide Book 3: DATA CLEAN-UPApply Data


3D Modeling Techniques

Digital Tutors’ Modeling Terms | Modeling Techniques: Quads or Triangles? Character Profiles: Big Hero 6 | Techniques for Writing | Template for Writing | Pixar Characters

 Enhanced Modeling Techniques/Sculpting

Anatomy Resources–large downloads: Guide 1 | Guide 2 | Guide 3 

 3D Animation

Final Project Files: Excellence Sustainability (you will need to download and unzip) Extra Reinforcement: Animation Academy 2011 Digital Tutors’ Rigging Terms Digital Tutors’ Animation Terms

 Dynamics & Special Effects for Motion Graphics

 Advanced Motion Graphics & Digital Compositing

Evolution of Greenscreen Compositing

 Non-Linear Editing for Motion Graphics

Project Selection Choices: – Autodesk Digital STEAM Initiatives (Select 1 individual or group project from this site)

 Creative Design/Digital Marketing & Capstone

3D – General


Adobe Certified Associate:

  • Interactive Communication Using Adobe Flash
  • Visual Communication Using Adobe Photoshop Extended
  • Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator
  • ALSO study the Copyright and Digital Citizenship resources at the top of this page
  • View all ACA Exam Objectives

Oklahoma Department of CareerTech Certifications

In addition to numerous product certifications, you can receive a certification that validates your career major for free, in the following areas:

Brainbench (Search by software–use the username/password and course ID stored in Classmates’ Corner in Basecamp.) Copyright Quizlet

 Special FX – General

The Making Of . . .

 How To’s

AE Plug-Ins installed in Rendering Room

Element 3D Effects Suite

  • Composite Wizard
  • Holomatrix
  • Image Lounge
  • Knoll Light Factory
  • PlaneSpace
  • Psunami
  • Text Anarchy
  • Toonit
  • Warp

Trapcode Suite

  • 3D Stroke
  • Echospace
  • Form
  • Horizon
  • Lux
  • Mir
  • Particular
  • Shine
  • Sound Keys
  • Starglow

Plug-ins Available for Check-out: Compositor’s Toolkit Visual FX Library 3

  • Impacts & Throws, Water Curls, Fluid Textures, Liquid Grunge, Fluid Bursts, Surface Tension, Wave Tank, Ink Drops, Blood Splats, Sediment, Viscous Motion, Liquid Metal

Video Copilot Video Streams HD

  • 30 Second Looping Animations

Video Copilot Designer Sound FX 

  • 500 Royalty Free Powerful Sound FX Elements Impacts, Swishes, Drums, Ambience, Abstract

Video Copilot Action Essentials 2 

  • High Definition Action Stock- Pre-keyed
  • Atmospheres, Blood, Charges, Couch Hits, Debris, Dirt Charges, Dust Elements, Explosions, Fire, Glass, Muzzle Flashes, Particle Hits, Powder Hits, Smoke, Sparks, Wall Hits, Water

Video Copilot Pro Scores

  • Cinematic Music Design Tools

Video Copilot Series One

  • 65+ tutorials: Demon Face Warp, Medical Zoom, Earth Zoom, Set Extensions, Day to Night, Sin City, Light Streaks
  • Serious Effects & Compositing: Advanced Techniques for After Effects 7
  • Color Keying, 3D Silhouette, Cruise Control, Advanced Muzzle Fire, Blown Away, Floating Text, DVD Menu Creation, The Teleporter, Selective Color Correction

Video Copilot Evolution

  • Decorative Design Elements

Video Copilot Riot Gear

  • Pre-matted Organic Stock Footage
  • Ink Effects, TV Noise, Paint FX, Rough Textures

Video Copilot The Bullet

  • Integrate 3D animation with After Effects
  • Uses After Effects, Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max, Blender

Additional Program Information

Check out the 3D program and compare to other opportunities on Francis Tuttle’s website! Additional resources may be shared via Twitter