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BPA | Pixl Premiere/Quacks


Students interested in certifications have plenty of options. Students who successfully complete specific program curriculum and test preparation materials are highly encouraged to make the investment towards a certification that will be widely recognized across the nation. Below is a listing of our current students who have certified.

Adobe Certified Associate

Visual Communication using Photoshop Competencies

 Emily P.| Olivia B. |  Lily M. | Taylor J. |Brooke B. | Brad R.

 Graphic Design and Illustration using Illustrator Competencies

 Gillian A. | Hezekiah H.

Oklahoma Department of CareerTech

3D Modeler

3D Modeler Study Guide

  • Wesley R. | Ian S. | Emily P. | Ian K. | Kaylynn M. | Abbey B. | Paul J. | Gavin C. | Kyle G. | Marcus P. | Caleb B.

3D Animator

3D Animator Study Guide

  • Brad R. | Jessica S. | Kathryn S. | Jesus T. |

Motion Graphics Artist

Motion Graphics Artist Study Guide

  • Jessica S. | Kathryn S.

Brainbench Certifications

Julian J. | Caroline L. |  Curtis W. |  AnthonyGene J. | Kirsten K. | Abigail C. || Cole D. | Bracen M. |  Caleb D.  | Caleb B. |

Work Keys Certification – Reading for Information | Applied Mathematics | Locating Information

See and hear why employers value these certifications

These students have passed all tests and are now certified:

Caleb B | Jeff B | Bret K | Marcus P | Emily P | Mitchell R | Jessica S | Ian S | Gavin C | Kat S. | Kaylynn M. | Lily M. |  Brad R. | Glavine A. | Logan B. | Brooke B. | Connor K. | Gillian A. | Paul J. | Rebecca S. | Chris G. | Dominic F. | Kyle G.  | David S.  | Jesus T. | Kyle E. | Nathan M.  | Sean P. | Heather B. | Lyon H. | Ian K. |  Abbey B. | Hezekiah H. |

On their way to Work Keys Certification:

Olivia B. | Haley F. | Chauncy P. | Wesley R. | Dion W.

3D Ambassadors/Class Reps

Emily P. | Kat S.

Perfect Attendance

Fall Semester 2016
Spring Semester 2017


Top Performers

2016-17 Top performers

Heather B. | Hezekiah H.


National Technical Honor Society

Glavine A. | Logan B. | Lily M. |  Emily P. | Jessica S. | Kathryn S. | Rebecca S. | David S. | Heather B. | Christian L. | Bret K. | Ian K.

Superintendent’s Leadership Academy


Student Connections Advisory Board


Pixl Premiere/Quack Awards

Roll out the purple carpet! We want to highlight the spectacular work completed during the school year!

On May 11, we will host the tenth annual Quack Awards in conjunction with our fourth annual Pixl Premiere. It will be a time to honor the work completed by you!  You will definitely want to showcase in your portfolio that you won a Quack Award. It is an achievement of a lifetime!

Check to see if any of your classmates earned a Quack Award in 2016. As the year progresses, this page will also include Quack contenders for 2017, including your own. You can also view work and final results from previous years.


  • Throughout your coursework, you will spot the purple duck. If you spot him, you will know that the project is eligible for a Quack award.
  • A minimum of three students must complete the project in order for the work to be nominated for a Quack award.
  • Members of the “Academy of Ducks” will select the projects that will be honored for their superior work. Nominations will be announced two weeks prior to the Quack Awards.
  • Experts from industry will review the work of nominees and select the winner.

Will your work be nominated?

Will you win the coveted Quack Trophy?

Categories for Quack Awards 2016-17

    • Visual Illustration Tools: Logo & Poster Design
    • Digital Animation: Children’s Story (E-Book)
    • Applied Principles of Animation: 3D Pull Toy
    • Motion Graphics & Visual FX: Program Promo
    • Outstanding Special Effects Entry
    • Outstanding Modeling Entry
    • Outstanding Animation Entry (2D or 3D)
    • Outstanding Tutorial/Workshop/How To Demonstration
    • Top Performer(s) for the Year
    • Best Portfolio
    • MVP – Voted on by peers; who has helped you advance your skills most; shared great resources; been encouraging and motivated you to get better?


Business Professionals of America

When it’s time for competition, your skills should help you kick it up a notch! Nationals will be held in Anaheim, CA, and promises to be a great experience for all who attend. View video promo.

Coming Soon–View available contests for 2016-17.

IT Executive Council Meeting Dates–Digital Den

Coming Soon

View information related to competition, past achievements and future opportunities!