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Employers value the edge participation in BPA and/or SkillsUSA can provide!

High School Students – BPA

Leadership Theme | Spread Your Wings

Competition Info | Posted to bpa.org on September 1, 2016

Below are examples of BPA contests students have entered in previous years related to our program. Visit with your instructor for more information.

Contests for 2D Animation Students

These are new opportunities–your NINJA Skills should have you ready to shine in these areas!

Contests for 3D Animation Students

For more modeling or animation entries, go to YouTube and Vimeo and search BPA Computer Animation or Modeling

Of course, there are numerous other events. Download the individual event guidelines and see your instructor if you would like more information.

BPA Nationals will be in Orlando, Florida, May 10-14

Adult Students – SkillsUSA 

Below are examples of SkillsUSA contests students entered last year that was related to our program.

  • 3D Visualization and Animation – Team Event for 2
  • Interactive Application and Game Development – Team Event for up to 4
  • Notes from SkillsUSA NLC

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SkillsUSA Nationals will be in Louisville, Kentucky, June 2017

Additional Resources

SkillsUSA Nationals


3D Visualization and Animation (PS)
2nd Place: Curtis & Melody

BPA National Winners and Finalist


Computer Modeling (S)
1st Place: Alexis D.
4th Place: Caleb D.

Computer Animation Team (S)
6th Place: Braden S. | Olivia B. | Devin L.

(Adult Competitive Opportunities for 3D were discontinued this year)


Computer Modeling (S)
1st Place: Addison S.

Computer Modeling (PS)
1st Place: John
2nd Place: Robin

Computer Animation Team (PS)
2nd Place: Taylor C. | AnthonyGene J. | Josh C. | McCauley S.


Computer Animation (PS)
2nd Place: John M. | Evan F. | McCauley S. | Cameron S.
Finalists: Robert P. and Keaton H.

Computer Animation (S)
Finalists: Jonathan P. | Joshua N. | James O. | Kendall W.

Computer Modeling (S)
Finalist: Melody W.

Computer Modeling (PS)
1st Place: D J Goldman
3rd Place: Robert P.

Global Marketing (S)
Finalist: Curtis W.


Computer Animation (PS)
1st Place: Rayna B | Sloan D | Julio H | Nabeel J

Presentation Management – Individual (PS)
1st Place: Nabeel J

Computer Modeling (PS)
2nd Place: Julio H
Finalists: Jonathan E | Ellen T


Computer Animation (PS)
1st Place: Rayna B | Sloan D | Cheryl D | Nabeel J
2nd Place: Preston C | Jake S

Computer Modeling (PS)
2nd Place: Nabeel J

Global Marketing Team (S)
Finalists: Demetrio C | Emorie M


Computer Animation (PS)
2nd Place: Eric E | Stephen K | Maryam K | Vick P

Computer Animation (S)
4th Place: Will F | Alex W | Micah W


Computer Animation (PS)
1st Place: Jenna S | Matt W

Computer Animation (S)
4th Place: Chris E | Stephen K | Maryam K | Parker S


Video Production Team (S)
3rd Place: Mohamed A | Addison M

Video Production Team (PS) 2nd Place:
Brooks F | Josh G | Matt J | Travis W

Global Marketing Team (S)
Finalists: Edith A | Amanda L | Sarah M


Digital Media Production (PS)
1st Place: Tanffy C.


Digital Media Production (PS)
1st Place: Brian O.


E-Commerce Team (S)
4th Place: Ryan U.