Pixl Premiere & Quack Awards

Roll out the Purple Carpet and Showcase Excellence!

It is a time to highlight the spectacular work completed during the school year!

Soon we will host the tenth annual Quack Awards in conjunction with our fourth annual Pixl Premiere. It will be a time to honor the work completed by you! Being nominated for a Quack Award is a big accomplishment! You will definitely want to showcase in your portfolio that you won a Quack Award. It is an achievement of a lifetime!


  • Throughout your course work, you will spot Purple Duck. If you spot him, you will know that the project is eligible for a Quack Award.
  • A minimum of three students must complete the project in order for the work to be nominated for a Quack Award.
  • Members of the Academy of Ducks will nominate the projects that will be honored for the superior work. Nominations will be announced two weeks prior to the Quack Awards.
  • Board Members of the Academy of Ducks (aka the Program’s Advisory Committee – industry professionals) will review the work of the nominees and select the winner.

Will your work be nominated?

Will you win the coveted Quack Trophy?

You might want to ask off at work now. It is a purple tie affair you will not want to miss!

You will have an opportunity to show work completed during the year to family members during our Pixl Premiere on the same night.

Categories for Quack Awards 2017-2018 coming soon!

2017 Winners

  • Visual Illustration Tools: Logo & Poster Design
  • Digital Animation: Children’s Story (E-Book)
  • Applied Principles of Animation: 3D Pull Toy
  • Motion Graphics & Visual FX: Program Promo
  • Outstanding Special Effects Entry | Dynamics Entry
  • Outstanding Modeling Entry (Hard Surface | Organic)
  • Outstanding Animation Entry (2D | 3D | mocap)
  • Best 3D Printed Item
  • Best Portfolio & Demo Reel
  • Best Creative Resume
  • Top Performers
    • Heather B.
    • Hezekiah H.
  • MVP
    • Wesley R.
    • Bret K.

2016 Winners

  • Motion Graphics & Visual FX: Pixlfest Conference Trailer
  • Outstanding Modeling Entry
  • Outstanding Animation Entry (2D or 3D)
  • epIK Teamwork
    • Taylor C.
  • Top Performer(s) for the Year
    • Brad R. | Emily P. | Caleb D. | Alexis D.
  • MVP – Voted on by peers; who has helped you advance your skills most; shared great resources; been encouraging and motivated you to get better?
    • Abbi C. | Emily P.

2015 Winners

Graphics: Quack Awards Logo

2D Animation: Veggie Duck

3D: Pull Toy

3D Modeling: Car/Choice

Motion Graphics: Pixlfest Trailer

3D Animation: Choice


MVP (voted on by peers)

  • Grace E.

Top Performers of the year

  • Alexis D. | Braden S.

2014 Entries & Winners

  • Visual Illustration Tools: Logo
  • Digital Animation: Children’s E-Book (Veggie Duck)
  • Applied Principles of Animation: Children’s Pull Toy
  • Motion Graphics & Visual FX:Pixlfest Conference Trailer
  • 3D Modeling: Vehicle of the Future
  • 3D Animation: 11-second club/animated greeting card & BPA Project
  • Pixl Premiere
  • Dynamics/Compositing: Invincible Insurance Ad
  • Portfolio/Special Projects
  • MVP (voted on by peers)
    • Sadie C. | John M.
  • Top Performers of the year
    • Sadie C. | James O. | Josh C.
  • epIK Points Winner
    • Gillian A.

2013 Entries & Winners

  • Visual Illustration Tools: Logo
  • Digital Animation: Children’s E-Book
  • Applied Principles of Animation: 3D Pull Toy
  • Motion Graphics & Visual FX:Pixlfest Conference Trailer
  • 3D Model Choice
  • 3D Animation & Special FX: Choice
  • Top Performers of the year
    • Jon E. | Ellen T.

2012 entries & winners

  • Visual Illustration Tools: Temporary Tattoo/Icon
    • Nabeel J. – WINNER
  • Digital Animation: Scoreboard Animation
  • Applied Principles of Animation: Pull Toy
  • 3D Modeling: Concept Vehicle
  • Computer Modeling, Animation or Special FX: Choice
  • Top Performers of the year

2011 entries & winners

  • Visual Illustration Tools: Logo/Flyer
  • Digital Animation: Flip Book, Comic Strip, Animation – Teamwork
  • Applied Principles of Animation: Rocket Ship
  • Motion Graphics & Visual FX: Typography Promo
  • 3D Modeling: Choice
  • 3D Animation: Choice
  • Enhanced Modeling: Choice
  • Digital Compositing – Choice
  • Dynamics/Special FX:  Choice
  • Top Performers for the Year AM – Brett Bailey | PM – Jacob Ansari

2010 winners

  • Visual Illustration Tools – logo design | Aaron N. WINNER
    (Institute for the Economic Empowerment of Women)
  • Applied Principles of Animation – renewable energy sailboat | Aaron N.WINNER
    (Think Green)
  • Digital Animation – scoreboard animation | Vikas P. WINNER
    (Special Olympics)
  • Motion Graphics & Visual FX – promotion | Tyler B. WINNER
    (Students Against Destructive Decisions, SADD)
  • 3D Modeling Techniques – tennis shoe mascot | Zachary N. WINNER
    (March for Babies)
  • Enhanced Modeling Techniques – space alien | Shane D. WINNER
  • Career Experience/Special Projects – Maryam K., Eric E., Vikas P., and Stephen K. WINNERS
  • Top Performers | Zachary N., a.m. | Cristal E., p.m.

2009 finalists & winners:

  • 2D Animation – design an animated greeting card
  • 3D Animation/Modeling – develop a 3D promo for Business Professionals of America
    • Chris E., Stephen K., Maryam K., Parker S. – Winners (Placed 4th at BPA National Competition)
    • Zachary H., Alex W., Micah W.
    • Jenna S., Matt W. – (Placed 1st at BPA National Competition)
  • Logo Designs – design a logo
    • Eric E. – Winner
  • Collages – tell a story about yourself, hobbies, interests, etc.
    • Matt W. – Winner
  • Veggie Ducks – develop a scene using purple duck and vegetables for landscaping
    • Jenna S. – Winner
  • DowntownOKCVideos-promoteDowntownOKC
  • My Take on Health – PSA to promote healthy living
  • Special Projects/BPA – Miscellaneous projects completed throughout the year

quack award recipients – 2008

Chaz B | Chris H | Addison M | Ashley W |